FAQ With Debugging Solutions

Explanation: This module contains the current list of Frequently Asked Questions with debugging solutions where applicable.


Q: ExeClix is taking a while to connect to my server.
A: You have connection type: AUTO selected. To go from AUTO to PORT, this takes 30 seconds. It is a normal occurrence.

Q: I keep getting a timeout error.
A: Increase the milliseconds under the Connection Timeout in 15-second intervals until you achieve the desired performance.

I receive an "ExeClix FTP 2005 Requires Administrative Privileges To Run." message.
A: Currently ExeClix permits usage only by a "Power User", as defined in Windows(tm) permissions based administrative accounts. Contact support@convergexe.com for further detail.

Q: How are my profile settings stored?
A: Using industry standard, 128-bit encryption algorithms, ExeClix safely encrypts all of your profiles for full HIPAA compliant storage (use passwords when exporting profiles for encryption).

Q: ExeClix never downloads zero byte-sized files. What am I doing wrong?
A: Nothing. ExeClix currently omits empty / null files at this time. Contact support@convergexe.com for further detail.

Q: When I click the Cancel Loading button when connecting to a server, it doesn't respond right away. What is wrong with me??
A: Nothing at all. ExeClix enforces "gracious" severs from FTP servers, by waiting until a two-part, FTP standards disconnect communication goes through. Contact support@convergexe.com for further detail.

Q: ExeClix acts like its going to connect to my server, however does nothing. Gee, what could I be doing wrong?
A: You most likely have both Implicit & AUTO enabled selected within ExeClix security connection settings, which is fine. You most likely also have a firewall enabled on your remote server. You'll need to change the settings of your remote server and firewall to enable outgoing ports, along with the ports you have currently opened.

Q: Why don't I ever receive outbox notifications in my system tray, even when I have this option enabled?
A: You are either running Windows 98 / ME; ExeClix currently does not support these features here. Contact support@convergexe.com for further detail.

Q: I receive an "Error Sending Files To Server. Send Failed at the socket Level. The Socket May have been closed." message.
A: Turn on "Send Keep Alive" within the profile configuration settings under the Connection Tab.

Obstacle: I have multiple personnel that I need to set up to an FTP server. I would like for 30 of them to have the same functionalities and settings, while the other 30 will have another set of functionalities and settings. I really don’t want to have to set all of the different settings individually.

Solution: Certainly. A simple Solution. Start by creating Set A's FTP profile configuration settings and save as Profile Set A. Do the same for Profile Set B. Go into the "Manage Profiles" section, and copy and paste A 29 times, and do the same for B. Rename the profiles accordingly. If there are different user name and passwords for each profile, you will have to enter them manually, or set these to prompt upon connection.