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The ability to share information and files throughout your organization is essential in today's business environment. With the explosion of content creation and information in electronic formats, there is simply more electronic data today than ever before.  The internet has propelled both consumers and companies alike into a Web-enabled, information-driven era.  In fact, getting real-time information in the right hands is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the business world.

     With ExeClix FTP 2005, your critical and sensitive information can be shared with simple point-and-click commands.
ExeClix FTP 2005 offers many benefits of use, including the following:


  • Excellent for time saving, cost-effective FTP setups in industries requiring its use.

  • Amazingly simplified get and send functionality within condensed view drastically improves user setups time to nil.

  • A set up user need not even interface directly with the application itself to perform advanced, encrypted files transfer to remote servers, improving multitasked efficiency.

  • Truly revolutionizes File Transfer Protocols as we know it, allowing Doctors, Medical Transcriptionists, Web Administrators, IT personnel, and practically anyone else who knows hot to point and click, to send and receive highly encrypted files from remote FTP servers with little to no hesitation and confusion.

  • Free configuration examples and ftp setups available for large to small firms upon request makes it easy to replicate advanced features and initial setups.

ExeClix FTP 2005 is ideal for IT Professionals, Web Administrators, and even Doctors. With it's robust. efficient two-button operation and downloadable configuration files, setting up and using ExeClix is a breeze!



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  • Complete 128 bit HIPAA ready encryption
  • Auto starts with Windows startup and can be minimized to the task tray
  • Export & Import encrypted file containing user settings
  • Can create folder directory structure from configuration  file (file names and folders with subfolder structure)
  • All transfers are kept in a log and can be cleared at any time (contains files uploaded and downloaded with full path, time and date)
  • File explorer tree interface for downloading and uploading files when needed
  • Ability to download subfolders with one click
  • Ability to place downloaded and uploaded files to an automatically dated folder
  • Ability to time and date stamp filenames upon download, appending original file name to stamp
  • Ability to automatically set download folder (Master download folder), including subfolders, to be deleted automatically upon downloading new files from server.
  • Ability to automatically have sent files moved to a sent folder upon successful upload