Word Traverse 2004
Word Traverse is an automated Microsoft Word bulk document line counting utility with invoicing capabilities used by transcription companies and businesses that charge by rates based upon text document length specifications. The program counts the characters in Microsoft Word documents version 97 and above.

This also includes page rates, line rates, word rates, and character and space rates, all specified by the user who stores this information in customizable user profiles. Also, customizable charges may include bold, italicized and underlined text, reflected in the final total charge. It takes that information and makes an invoice of the total documents counted and calculates totals, in a very crisp and professional invoice that is standardized to be tri-fold and fit in a windowed envelope. The customizable invoice includes the billing information and company address. Word Traverse also has bulk document printing capabilities used for mass document printing.

Advantageous competitive factors of Word Traverse include:

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