@Home PC Support: No matter what ails your computer, let Convergexe help.  We specialize in Virus Removal, Wireless Networking, and many other computer related issues.

@Business PC Support: Convergexe can help your business stay on top of information technology. We offer a variety of PC/Server Support and Service Contract options. 

Custom Software Development:  At Convergexe, Inc. we use the latest programming technologies and tools to make our custom software products.  To help our customers gain a new level of efficiency and upper-hand in their respective industries, we use the latest technologies, tools, and knowledge base that we, Convergexe, Inc., have gained from developing our retail products. 

Technology Consultation: Convergexe, Inc. can review your current system needs and give you competitive advantages by developing a system unique to your needs. Listed here is a collection of various industries our services can improve:

Wireless Networking: We provide efficient and high quality networked arenas beautifully optimized to run on our networked software systems. We utilize the highest quality hardware and wiring products that have been quality tested and optimized for high-speed data transfer and data redundancy checking. We also provide consultation to businesses who opt to implement networked infrastructures within their current business model.

Advantages of choosing Convergexe, Inc. as your networking systems provider is that we have specialized knowledge in software infrastructures that are based on networked systems, thus this knowledge allows us to better assist the customer in choosing the right systems and software to fulfill their business needs. As well, our quality consultation and valuable pricing structures make our services very attractive.