Traverse Documents

  • Set the extension(s) for documents you wish to be Traversed in the leftmost pull-down menu.
  • Select the folder where your documents are held within the directory tree.
  • After you have navigated to the appropriate folder, from the "Total Files:" list, select the files you wish to be counted by double clicking them, or right clicking and selecting "Add Files".
  • After all of the files have been added to the final Traversal list under  the "Files To Count" list, press the "Traverse" button, and watch WordTraverse's magic.
  •  One can also choose, "Set Date", to set the date range, and then "Add By Date", for which the files to be added to the traversal list will be filtered by date of creation.
  • Multiple document printing can also be done here.  After adding files to the final traversal list, select the "Print" button, or Ctrl + P to spool documents to your Default Printer.

*Note: To change Default Printer, go into Control Panel, Printers, and right click on the printer you wish to print to and select "Set as Default Printer".


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