Company Options

  • Your company information including address and telephone numbers can be quickly entered here.  The company header will be the sender address to every invoice created.

Program Options:

  • Increasing the number of seconds desired between each print job can increase performance when spooling large tasks to slower computers
  • After adding/editing several profiles, one may tire of the dialog boxes that ensue.  Therefore these can be disabled, by selecting the "Disable 'Add/Edit' Confirmation Windows" option
  • Upon completion of invoice creation after WordTraversing, Microsoft  Word automatically prompts one to save the open document.  This can be disabled with the "Disable 'Save As' Window After Traverse" option.
  • When selecting files to be traversed in the final traversal list on the "1.Main" tab of WordTraverse, one can choose whether or not repeated documents of the same file can be placed here.

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