Profiles    Profiles help manage multiple account recipients with unique, customizable billing settings.


*Navigate to the "2.Profiles" tab within the application.*


Add Profile:

  • Select the "Add Profile" button under "2.Profiles" tab.
  • Complete the recipient's information within the "Customer Info" collection box.
  • Specify the amount you want to charge and by what delimiter in the "Bill $" and "Done Per" sections.
  • Your "Default Document Type" specifies the default extension when locating documents to be traversed.  This can be changed at any time however in the "1.Main" tab under the file extensions pull-down menu.
  • The Report Options allows the user to configure his/her own invoicing style criteria.

-  Select "Show Report In Word" to create a Microsoft       Word invoice of the the WordTraversed documents.  Otherwise a dialog window will display all billing totals.

-  "Table Colors" enable the alternating bar colors within the final invoice.

- The recipients address will be included and will show in a standard windowed envelope, upon tri-fold whenever "Include Customer Info In Report" is checked.

-  One can also include the date on the final invoice by selecting the "Include Date" option.

-  A document's path can be listed in the final invoice by selecting the "Show Document Path In Report" Option.







  • The Counting Rules allows the user to configure his/her own billing criteria.

-  One now has the control of defining precisely how much one wants a particular character, or formatted text, to count.

-  The following options have editable fields so that one can define how many times the selected item(s) will be counted in the final invoicing.  Many times transcriptionists have to press numerous keys per document that aren't reflected in the actual characters themselves, but in the formatting.  So that medical transcription companies can honestly account for these added keystrokes, the following options are editable:

Count Spaces
Count Returns
Count Bold Characters
Count Bold On/Off
Count Tables
Count Italic Characters
Count Italic On/Off
Count Underlined Characters
Count Underline On/Off
Count Superscript
Count Subscript

- Not only can most of these features be enabled / disabled, one can control the exact number of times each will be counted.



Edit Profile:

  • Select the "Edit Profile" button under "2.Profiles" tab.
  • Edit the recipient's information within the "Customer Info" collection box.  The name cannot be changed unless you delete the current profile, and add it again with your desired name.
  • Edit the appropriate fields just as one would when Adding a Profile.



Delete Profile:


  • Select a profile from the "Choose Profile To Use" dropdown menu.
  • Press the "Delete Profile" button and continue with confirmation.
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